How do you feel about books
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How do you feel about books

How's your sense of humor

How's your sense of humor

If you want to find out, select in each case the option you like best. If you don’t like any of the options, do not write anything down.
1. If someone goes to the forest for mushrooms on stilts, he does this:
2. If a person selling beer suddenly asks someone from the line to bring him lemonade, he does this:
3. Your colleague fell asleep at work. You:
4. In the tram you met a pretty girl (boy). She (he) refuses to see you. You answer:
5. A random passerby asks you to give him 50 cents, you answer:
6. You came across an ad: “I’m changing the Volga anyway.” You think the person who posted this ad:
7. If in a crowded tram someone stepped on your foot and continues to stand like that, you will tell him:
8. At the climax of the detective, the television screen suddenly goes blank. Do you think this:
9. If the numbers crossed out on the ticket that you forgot to send won in the sports lottery, they are:
10. Away you are treated to the fact that you do not love. And you:

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