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Maple color furniture, photos of interesting options
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What types of furniture colors exist, photos with their names

What types of furniture colors exist, photos with their names

More recently, the main criteria for the selection of furniture were considered quality, reliability, practicality of the frame, today the design and shades of the facade were added to the main characteristics. A variety of furniture colors, photos with names are presented below, they are necessary to create a common interior concept. In addition, with the help of various shades of the facade, you can correct the existing room flaws.

Furniture colors

Before choosing a new set for a bedroom, living room or kitchen, you need to study a wide range of material from which the interior items are made. For example, veneered or painted MDF products come in many different colors and shades. The color schemes of upholstered or cabinet furniture made from natural wood are more limited and, as a rule, depend on the texture of the tree.

Furniture color names
Furniture colors with names

How to choose the color of furniture for a small small apartment or a spacious country mansion? The choice of color is particularly influenced by the overall design, size, purpose of the living space. To equip a modern living room, decorators advise using deep saturated colors, lighter shades are more suitable for a bedroom, it is recommended to use the texture of precious woods in the hallway.

It should be noted that the color gamut may vary slightly from different manufacturers, but despite this, the whole variety of shades can be conditionally divided into groups. Each category has the name of the tree species to which it corresponds. Below are the most popular colors furniture photos with names will help you make the right choice, choose the right color.

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Furniture color


Deep dark shades of the facade are often used to create aristocratic classic interiors. The refined design allows you to create an atmosphere of luxury and splendor in the interior, to add notes of conservatism and respectability.

Dark shades include:

  • walnut - a traditional dark brown shade;
  • wenge - blue-black or chocolate color;
  • mahogany - spectacular maroon decor;
  • ebony - African ebony has a unique black tone.
Color ebony
Color walnut
Color Mahogany
Red tree
Color wenge

So that the atmosphere does not look boring and dull, it is necessary to choose the right shades of decorative coatings for walls, floors and ceilings.

For furniture painted in black, dark gray, chocolate or traditional brown, a neutral background is more suitable - this will create a relaxed home atmosphere. If interior elements having a mahogany texture are used to equip a living room, it is recommended to choose a similar shade for the walls, but several tones lighter.The design with a dark color palette is ideal for spacious well-lit living rooms, dining rooms, or halls.

Dark wood
Dark wood tones


Particularly popular are furniture items that have light shades of the facade. Properly selected colors allow you to create the effect of maximum freedom and space in a small room. Light breeds of natural massif are used to create interior doors, decorative wooden partitions. The snow-white surfaces of the facade harmoniously fit into any modern interior.

How to choose the color of furniture

Decorated with gold or bronze floral patterns, the set will become a real decoration of a luxurious imperial style. Aged Provence-style furniture is organically combined with a blue, green wall covering and is suitable for arranging a country mansion, a small country house.

The most famous light shades include:

  • Karelian Birchgentle yellowish tone from pattern of knots;
  • ash light colouredcream background from interesting smooth structure;
  • Pinegolden tone, different saturation;
  • beech light colouredbeige tone from bright pinkish a touch.

In modern fashionable interiors there are a variety of light facades: maple, pear, apple tree or acacia. Choosing furniture for a certain shaded rooms furniture of a certain warm decor, you can fill them with light and add a few sunny notes to the overall interior.

Color beech light
Light beech
Color Karelian Birch
Karelian birch
Color pine
Color ash light
Light Ash


Neutral monophonic colors will help to create delicate, pastel compositions, they include the texture of certain types of wood:

  • cherryis different saturated reddish tone;
  • aldertexture It has interesting reddish and reddish shades;
  • oakwood oak easy to determine by beautiful drawing textures.
Color cherry
Color oak
Alder color

Moderately sophisticated, not attracting increased attention items of cabinet furniture give any interior style a special chic and aristocracy. Colorful furniture is used to decorate rooms in the style of pop art, shabby chic, Provence or neoclassicism.

The location of the texture pattern on the surface of the facade allows you to create the desired visual effect that changes the real perception of the size of the room.

How to choose the color of furniture for rooms that have custom sizes? For decorating narrow elongated corridors with high ceilings, decorators advise using furniture that has an intermediate facade texture with a horizontally located pattern.

Chipboard color scheme
Chipboard colors
Chipboard colors
Possible colors of chipboard


Manufacturers offer the most daring and non-standard furniture collections with original facade surfaces imitating the texture of precious woods, leather or marble. A successful combination of furniture colors allows you to create unique modern or classic interiors. To create a harmonious and holistic space, it is necessary that the pieces of furniture are combined not only with each other, but also with the decorative decoration of the walls, floor or ceiling.

A special table for combining furniture color with wall decor has been developed:

  • gray walls harmonize from red, orange, blue or brown the furniture;
  • pink background the walls well underlined the elements decor, painted in deep blue, Gray, blue or white;
  • walls green colors organically are combined from the furniture yellow, bluish, orange and grayish shades.

Selection colorsthe most important task, her necessary solve yet on the the initial stages repair. Should take into account combination individual items cabinet of furniture between by myself and from trim, foresee influence colors on the perception premises and emotional state of man.

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Red color in the interior

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