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Main parameters of chipboard furniture, possible options and selection criteria

Main parameters of chipboard furniture, possible options and selection criteria

Chipboards, which are a material made of wood chips impregnated with resin, are actively used in the furniture industry. Particleboard furniture has a low cost, it is offered in a wide range and does not require complicated maintenance. When choosing a moisture-proof material, you can use such furnishings even in rooms with high humidity and temperature extremes.

Dimensions and coating options

The basis of chipboards is woodworking waste. The binder component are formaldehyde resins. Environmental standards distinguish 2 classes of chipboard: E2 and E1. Class E1 sheets have minimal formaldehyde emissions, environmental friendliness is high. Significant disadvantages of the material include harmful formaldehyde emissions. Their high concentration in the air leads to serious diseases, the constant use of products from E2 sheets is dangerous to health. Class E2 sheets do not have such severe restrictions on the emission of harmful substances, therefore, they are not recommended for the manufacture of furniture for children's institutions. answering the question whether chipboard furniture is harmful, you need to study the certificates for the material used.

The main advantages of the material include:

  • Simplicity of processing thanks to what products from a chipboard are quickly assembled;
  • The material holds fasteners firmly, but reassembly is not recommended;
  • Low cost of plates;
  • Good strength with relatively high weight;
  • It is possible to purchase material with a moisture resistant coating;
  • A wide range of colors and textures.

The disadvantages include formaldehyde emission, due to which there is a smell from furniture made of chipboard, which is difficult to get rid of. In the production of furnishings, it is impossible to make thin elements from plates, since they have a low hardness.

For the manufacture of kitchen items using moisture-resistant wood chip material. The maximum demand today exists for ultralight chipboard and fireproof sheets.

The top coating of the sheets is obtained in various ways:

  • Lamination - the lamination process involves the use of paper-resin decorative or melamine films. After impregnation with resins, the films become hard, they are applied to the plate under the influence of high temperatures and pressure. As a result, the surface of the plate becomes shockproof and resistant to elevated temperature. The film minimizes formaldehyde emissions;
  • Sanded or “bare” - the surface of the sheet is sanded on both sides. Such plates are used in furniture production less often than laminated ones. In finished products, bare boards can be glued with self-adhesive films or veneers.

Particleboard sizes differ depending on the manufacturer. The length of the sheets is offered in the range of 183-568 cm, width - 122-250 cm. Various dimensions of the material allow achieving economical cutting. The most popular and convenient for transportation are types of plates with dimensions of 275x183 cm, 262x183 cm, 244x183 cm.

The most important parameter for a chipboard sheet is the thickness of the chipboard, which determines the strength and scope of the material:

  • 0.8-1 cm is suitable for decorative partitions, furniture elements with a low load;
  • 1.6-1.8 cm are applicable in the manufacture of any furniture. This is a kind of standard, characterized by wear resistance;
  • 2.2-2.5 cm are used to obtain countertops, thick doors, supporting furniture designs;
  • 2.8-3.8 cm with maximum strength are used in the manufacture of bar counters, super strong countertops.

Depending on the texture of the surface, the sheets are marked:

  • SM - with a smooth surface;
  • RR — porous structure;
  • MAT - smooth with a matte finish;
  • BS - for office furniture;
  • PE - imitation of "orange peel".

When planning the purchase of furniture from fiberboard, particleboard or MDF, you need to study the main advantages and disadvantages of all materials.


What is chipboard

Particleboard sheeting

Kitchen worktop

Table of standard material parameters

Types of furniture

Particleboard furniture has various purposes, as well as style and color design. The main types are: cabinets, beds, tables, cabinets, shelves. The material is also applicable in the manufacture of countertops.

A. Cabinet

Inexpensive and roomy cabinets allow you to rationally organize the storage of documents, things at home or in the office. Models differ in dividing the interior into drawers and shelves.

Depending on the functional purpose, the products are divided into the following types:

  • Mezzanines on castors with hinged doors and two tiers of shelves. They are distinguished by good capacity with small dimensions;
  • Models with closed shelves, locks on handles allow you to place important documents, small items in boxes;
  • Shelving models with open shelves are optimal for storing folders, files, work documents, books;
  • Corner products allow you to use the free space in the corners of the rooms. They are notable for considerable capacity, accessories and furniture screws for them choose high-quality;
  • Narrow wardrobes are popular in rooms of complex layout and small dimensions;
  • Partial or full glazed bookcases are used in libraries, public institutions;
  • Wardrobe cabinets for storing clothes, shoes, hats, umbrellas. If the products are intended for office use, they have a more rigorous design. Office furniture has a long service life. Products can be equipped with storage sections, open and closed drawers, hangers rods.

Furniture is sold and transported disassembled, assembly is carried out on site. Wardrobes, which have the maximum dimensions in accordance with the width of the chipboard, fit perfectly into the interior of any bedroom.

Two door wardrobe

Children's wardrobe white

Sliding wardrobe

Particle board wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe with a mirror

B. Table

Tables are multifunctional furniture products. They spend time working behind him or take food, install a computer or do needlework. When thinking about choosing a model from MDF or particleboard, which is better suited, it is worth considering financial opportunities. Particleboard products are cheaper and weigh less.

The most popular are the models of tables made of laminated material. They better withstand loads and temperature changes. Manufacturers offer the following types of tables:

  • Rectangular office models on a metal or wood frame. They have the simplest design, minimum decor, low price;
  • Office models with corner countertops. Effective with insufficient free space;
  • Computer tables of various configurations can be equipped with: a sliding shelf for the keyboard, niches, upper and lower shelves, sections for the system unit, cabinets with shelves, drawers;
  • Folding products with rotary mechanisms having a universal purpose. Such a table can be used for lunch, a working meeting, as well as for work;
  • Prefix tables allow you to increase the usable area of ​​the main product;
  • Small coffee tables. Used in the decor of the living room, bedroom, for country houses;
  • Dining tables of various shapes, some models have a folding or sliding mechanism. The surface of such tables is recommended to be protected from pollution, since it is not easy to remove greasy stains from furniture from chipboard;
  • Tables for the head, negotiating. For manufacturing, the highest quality lumber is selected.

You can make a table from chipboard with your own hands. Various furniture drawings with sizes are presented on thematic forums and sites.

How to choose good office furniture

Folding table

Table with a thickness of 25 mm

Kitchen small table

Desk for the student for the home written

In bed

The range of beds from laminated particleboard is wide. The most low-cost products on a metal frame with rectangular backs and drawers are used in dormitories, medical and social institutions. The manufacture of furniture of this type does not require significant costs, models have a low cost.

Beds for home interiors have a more attractive design and sophisticated design. Combined materials are often used in the manufacture, therefore, when choosing such a model, they are preliminarily studied what is chipboard and MDF. Headboards can be painted in various colors, decorated with textiles, eco-leather, leather. The bases of the double beds are equipped with metal frames that provide the necessary strength and reliability.

Bed frame

Lift bed

Advantages of Particleboard Furniture

Single chipboard bed

Bed with sturdy dark frame

G. Regiment

Bookshelves are offered as an independent element of furniture or in addition to desks, desks. A furniture shelf made of chipboard, as a rule, has open sections, but can also be performed with hinged glazed doors. As decorative elements and central supports, metal furniture pipes are often used.

Modern models of shelves have not only a traditional rectangular size, but also advanced designs. They can have a design of several connected modules, angular or bizarre shape. Examples can be seen in the photo. For the manufacture of shelves, chipboard for furniture with a thickness of 1.6-1.8 cm is suitable.

Square shelves

How to decorate a wall with furniture

Wood chipboard shelf

Double wall shelf

Hinged wood chipboard shelf

D. Stand

Other popular furnishings made from chipboard are pedestals. These multifunctional products are designed to store various things. Unlike wooden models, products from plates have a lower cost, a wide range of colors. Knowing what is chipboard and MDF, used in the furniture industry, you can choose the best product.

Among the wide range there are several varieties of stands:

  • For the interior of the hallway. They store shoes, small items of clothing, accessories, umbrellas;
  • Office models. Designed for documents, books, stationery;
  • Curbstones for TVs.

Wide cabinet for shoes in the hallway

Gray cabinet

DIY cabinets

Tall shoe cabinet

TV furniture for living room

E. Countertop

Moisture-resistant tabletop made of chipboard is a work surface in the kitchen. It can have an unusual color and act as the main accent of the interior. The most popular material for the manufacture of countertops are chipboard and fiberboard. The advantage of MDF is its high environmental friendliness, but its products are more expensive. Knowing the difference between MDF and particleboard, it is easy to choose the most suitable countertop.

The presence of formaldehyde resins in the composition does not allow us to unequivocally answer the question: is chipboard furniture harmful. With high-quality slicing, it is safe to use chipboard worktops. They do not fade in the sun, have a wide palette of colors, an assortment of textures.

Various countertops

Particleboard in the kitchen

Popular shapes and styles

Particleboard products belong to the budget group, they are most often performed in a classic style. The forms of cabinets, stands, shelves are simple rectangular. The beds have rectangular headboards and footboards, the legs are made of more durable material: wooden beams, metal pipes.Small furnishings, such as shelves for books or flowers, can have an original shape. However, rounded elements are rarely used, due to the complexity of processing curved sections, typical for chipboard furniture.

Chipboard furnishings are also often used in modern interiors and hi-tech. But their color scheme consists of shades of gray, milky, black, in which you can paint the products yourself. The design of the products includes inserts or individual elements of glass, chromed metal.

If you have an old cupboard, cabinet or table made of chipboard, then you can completely transform it yourself. Restoration is carried out by grinding, followed by tinting, painting or using self-adhesive films. But before gluing or painting the surface of the plates, they are cleaned of dirt and old varnish. If calendars, photographs, drawings were pasted on the cabinet doors, then you need to wipe the adhesive tape. When thinking about how to update furniture, do not forget to purchase new accessories and handles.

Contemporary chipboard wall

Furniture made of wood-based materials

Light kitchen unit

The choice of decor and accessories

Particleboard products easily fit into the interior. The most expensive models are equipped with high-quality and beautiful fittings. Handles, hinges, shelf holders made of chromed metal, brass or copper give the products a solid appearance. Doors of cabinets and kitchen sets are decorated with tinted glass inserts, mirrors, and lacobel glass elements. Mirror or light decorative elements help visually expand the space. If models are selected where the furniture sheet of the chipboard is laminated with light paper, then tinted dark glass is used in the decor.

Simple forms of cabinets, walls, cabinets allow you to use many accessories in the interior. The beds are decorated with bright bedspreads and soft pillows, tables are covered with a tablecloth. It is possible to put a bedside lamp, a vase of flowers on the stand, family photos. Given that the cost of furnishings from particleboard is low, accessories are purchased in the middle and high price segment, which will make the interior richer.

If you prefer to regularly change furniture in the apartment or need inexpensive products, then choose furnishings from particleboard. They have simple shapes, various color options, which allows you to choose the best model for any room. With careful use, taking into account the recommended load, such furniture will last you a long time.

Office furniture

Natural wood living room furniture

Beautiful bedroom

Particleboard furniture

What are the boxes made of?

A photo

Black large closet for living room

Black and white headset

Corner practical cabinet

Corner desk

Particleboard trading furniture

Wall for arranging green

Practical cabinet

The arrangement of the bedroom

DIY chipboard furniture


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